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Celiac Disease 101

The “Informing America Project” is an organization tasked to help combat the perpetuation of misinformation mainly in the U.S.. The Gates Foundation U.S. Program launched the project with the goal of creating/curating a resource to help Americans make more informed decisions on important local, national & international issues/topics/events so they can ultimately get involved on a local level in more productive ways.

I selected the “information rich” topic Celiac Disease to inform and educate the public about the issues surrounding Celiac Disease. I selected this topic because I myself have this disease and am familiar with to general unawareness many people have. I chose to convey the information in a booklet format similar to that of a recipe book.


A lot of my research revolved around determining what information people didn’t know and how could I present it in an understandable and appealing way. After interviewing a number of people with Celiac Disease I found most people knew what Celiac Disease was but not what gluten is. So I determined I wanted to inform the public what gluten is and how to recognize it in food.

Refinement Process