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CarMart Multi-Platform App

The process of buying a car is always convoluted and long. You spend weeks looking for the right car with the right price. Having experienced this recently I really thought there should be an app out there that would make this process easier for everyone.

For this project, I was required to create an app functioning on three different device platforms, desktop, tablet, and phone. Each of these different platforms would serve different audiences. I designed a mobile application for the buyer, a tablet application for the salesperson, and a web application for the business owner.


One of the first things I did was tried to determine what the “Jobs to be done” where. What jobs did the different users want to accomplish using these applications? I had to explore how each user would potentially want to use the application. I created lists and list of ideas and then went out and asked potential users. I was able to determine the job I believe people would want to accomplish through using these applications.

Refinement Process